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Custom Requests

“I had it custom made”

There will always be that special something you just can’t find anywhere … it’s time for some custom work!

We can make pretty much anything you need. Tokens, templates, trophies, widgets etc.  If you ‘think’ we can do it, we probably can!

If you are able to create your own digital artwork than the process of having something custom made is often much quicker and easier, below you will find useful information you will need to know if you want to submit ‘Laser Ready’ artwork.

I don’t know how to create digital files

If you do not know how to create your own artwork, never fear it is something we can help you with however it just takes a little longer to complete your custom project.

You can jump straight to filling out and submitting the Custom Request Form

How to make your artwork ‘Laser Ready’
We design the majority of our products in Sketchup and flatten all the components and export them to Adobe Illustrator were we prepare the files for laser cutting/engraving by JobControl, Trotecs proprietary software that controls the Speedy 400 laser machines.

If you are able to design your own custom artwork using Illustrator (or alternate program, as long as you can define the lines and colours as below), we strong recommend doing so as this saves significant time and costs in producing your custom components.

Below is a list of Line Weights and Colours that are relevant when designing your own files.  Any file format we receive needs to maintain these details in order to be ‘Laser Ready’.

File types and programs

We use the following programs and filetypes for all the work we do:

  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup

If you want to submit your own artwork we will require it in these filetypes:

  • .ai, .eps, .jpg, .psd, .skp, .pdf

You might use different programs and that is fine, but what is important if you want to save time and money is making sure that the files you send us are ‘Laser Ready’, this means the artwork needs to meet certain guidelines.

Cut lines (internal)

This line colour and weight is used for cutting all shapes.  We use two different colours to tell the laser which ones to process first and which shapes are ‘pieces’ and which shapes are ‘border/sprue’ pieces.

  • No Fill
  • Line Colour : 255,0,255
  • Line Weight: .001pt

Cut Lines (external)

If you need your parts on a ‘sprue’ (ie attached to the material it is cut from) so you can keep things organised, rather than individual pieces you should place all your shapes inside a larger box with the following details

  • No Fill
  • Line Colour : 255,255,0
  • Line Weight: .001pt

Sharp scoring line

A sharp scoring line is used when you need something scored with fine details, like a keyhole, hinge, buttons etc

  • No Fill
  • Line Colour : 255,0,0
  • Line Weight: .001pt

Heavy scoring line

If you need something a little thicker, such as brick work, panel lines etc we recommend using a Heavy Score Line

  • No Fill
  • Line Colour : 102,51,0
  • Line Weight: .001pt

Sprue Points

Typically to add ‘sprue points’ to a model so that the parts are attached to a larger sheet, you will leave a small gap in your cut lines.

We cut out a small 0.5mm gap using the Cut tool in Illustrator and then fill that tiny gap with a ‘Sprue Point’.  This sprue point only cuts the material half way through making it very easy to pop parts out of a sprue frame.  You do not need to do this, but it does make it much easier to pop parts out and reduced time in filing off sprue points – something we rarely ever do when assembling our own models, it’s just not necessary with the size and type of sprue point we use.

  • No Fill
  • Line Colour : 255,102,0
  • Line Weight: .001pt
  • Recommended Line Length: 0.5mm


Anything can be engraved it just needs to be meet the criteria below.  Lines, images, words etc.  There are some caviats about engraving images and logos which are covered in detail elsewhere.

  • Fill: 0,0,0
  • Stroke/Line Colour : None
  • Line Weight: 1pt (or more)

Submitting your artwork

If you think you are ready to submit your artwork or just want to start the process of having some custom work done, the next step is to fill out and submit the Custom Request Form.

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