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Is Knights of Dice CLOSING?!

Yes, no, kind of but not really!

As usual, I hope you’re all keeping well!

Things are changing at Knights of Dice. This has been a long time coming and whilst I’ve procrastinated greatly over this decision and tried to keep things together, it’s become increasingly difficult to continue “business as usual”.


Anyone who has watched any of my videos (or the one above!) will know I can ramble on for ages whilst trying to get to a simple point, so I’ll avoid all that … here are the highlights/stream of consciousness:

  • I’m tired, mentally exhausted and lost all passion and enthusiasm for the hobby
  • COVID destroyed my entire company (not just Knights of Dice), going from 12 people to 1 has ruined me
  • Knights of Dice is not ‘closing’, but it is ‘changing’
  • I am starting a new job at the beginning of July and KoD will become a purely hobby based, creative project
  • I’ll be ceasing to regularly manufacture products for sale and cease taking orders on the 30th June 2023. Any orders not fulfilled before the 30th will be completed in the weeks following
  • I will be collaborating with other like minded creatives on cool projects, rather than being commercially focused on manufacturing and distributing my own products
  • The Retailer Stockist program will be closing permanently
  • The studio will become my personal creative space where I will produce videos and other content rather than operating as a ‘manufacturer’ of physical goods
  • ¾ of the space has been leased to my neighbours to help cover the significant cost of having such a massive space for primarily hobby/personal creative endevours
  • All foam (including boxes and carry cases) and acrylic products will be permanently removed from sale, many have already been removed
  • I will not be doing any custom work including trophies, bases, model kits, foam, unless I am personally interested or excited about it
  • There will be no support offered to event or tournament organisers, outside of my personal desire to do so
  • I will be keeping all my assets (equipment, artwork, designs etc) and using them in projects as I move forward
  • Limited time “made to order” sales will be randomly opened on the website (so be sure to keep following for news/updates!) to allow people the option to order my products, when it is convenient for me to do so

Your support and enthusiasm over the last eight years has been incredible and whilst I have taken great liberties with people’s patience this last year or so, I will never take for granted what your support has allowed me to do for so long.


If there is anything you want from Knights of Dice, I encourage you to order it now.


Perhaps one day I’ll actually enjoy playing games again and will see you on the other side of the table!


Thank you, you will always have my gratitude.


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