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Custom Foam

Have a tricky model to store?

Want a custom solution for your favourite army?

Cant find generic or standard foam loadouts that work for you?

CreateIt is a powerful application that allows you to create your own custom foam layouts to fit into any bag, box or case.

  • Create any shape you can imagine
  • Upload and trace complex shapes to make form fitted custom pockets
  • Select from our growing library of pre-set shapes
  • Design trays over several layers to maximise storage space

User Dashboard

A comprehensive User Dashboard allows you to manage everything you do in CreateIt:

  • check your orders and their current status
  • view your saved canvasses and create new ones
  • create, save and manage your custom shapes including defining your own categories

Create ANY Shape

Using the powerful tools in CreateIt you can quite literally create any shape you can imagine

  • use basic shapes to add simple objects to your canvas
  • alignment, merge and modification features take basic shapes from basic to custom
  • select from a massive range of custom shapes in our Library for models from a range of popular games
  • use the image import and trace feature to create any custom shape from pictures of your items

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