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Order Fulfilment Update

Throwing up hearts whilst taking a short break at work

First, I must say a HUGE thank you to everyone who placed an order during the closing sale.

Second, my apologies for lack of updates here on the website. I’m so used to posting on YouTube and Facebook that I have ALWAYS forgotten to update the website/articles. It has been pointed out by several people now that no updates have been posted here … and people are now waiting 3 months for their orders!

Third, for those that haven’t been following I am now working a night shift at Qantas Freight, which means I have limited time after work to cut kits at the studio before heading back home for rest. This is only contributing to the delays as the hours I am doing there are much higher than I expected when I accepted the job. 

So, time for an update on the website and the current status of fulfilling the outstanding orders!

Let’s summarise. 

387 orders where placed during the sale. The total number of kits ordered exceeded 5000!

I am currently down to 84 remaining, and most of those are MONSTERS!


Monster stacks of kits ... for ONE order!

I had originally been processing the orders in order of them coming in … sequentially.  This seemed the fairest way to get this mammoth job done. 

I then took a slight detour to get all the orders with foam processed due to the different machine configuration required to cut foam. The risk of FIRE was just too high having to constantly reconfigure the machines, as the temptation to run an MDF setup for a foam job was ever present, and thus the risk of fire was also present.

Now that I am down to the final orders, I have been processing them in a rather random fashion. Whilst tackling some of the MONSTERS, I have been processing along side those the smaller orders whilst slotting in orders for those people who have contacted me saying “where is my order!”.

Currently I have processed most of the orders before the 14th June, so if you placed an order before than but haven’t received shipping notification please get in touch with me.

A new hobby space to get creative once the orders are done

A lot has been happening at the studio besides cutting through the orders. I have been rearranging the spaces I have left (after having rented out half the warehouse to my neighbours) including a new “workshop” space which I am looking forward to using to create new content for YouTube and enjoy the hobby … as a hobby!

My friend Trent from Miscast has also been spending some time in the studio working on his various projects and just letting loose and being creative … that has been a wonderful boost to my motivation and energy levels.

I understand not all my customers follow along on YouTube and/or Facebook so I am making a commitment to continue writing updates as I cut through the orders, however please do get in touch if you have any concerns. I am working my way through the orders, but due to the number of kits still left to be cut I cannot give any timeframes … all I can say is I am busting my gut in the hours I have to get things done!


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