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Learn more about the Hosts and our friends who’ll be painting miniatures live on the stream

We’ve got a great (and growing!) line up of guests to talk all things tabletop gaming with

With so many guests, topics and segments be sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss anything

Together with the support of our amazing Sponsors we’ll be giving away loads of awesome products

What is Painting for Life ... it's simple

Painting for Life didn’t start out as an online 24 hour stream event for charity. It was a simple idea amongst friends to each pop in $20 and sit around together online and paint miniatures for 12 hours, seeing who got closest to painting the number of miniatures the pledged they would. We’d then donate that money to charity and have a great time in the process.

Enter me, Viv. For those that know me, you know I get carried away with everything I do!  The issue of mental health is also very personal to me.

So after doing a little hijacking, I barged in and changed it to Painting for Life.  

A massive paint-a-thon, hosted on a newly created live streaming channel, hosted by 5 friends, with local and international guests, various topics and discussion segments, streamed live for 24 hours and raising money for Beyond Blue through our registered fundraising campaign with loads of goodies to give away during the stream … simple.  

And because I don’t get carried away (all those people who know me are wrong!!), I thought a little over 12 days would be enough time to organise it all …. hahaha, welcome to Painting for Life!


Click the banner to donate and help us reach our Fundraising Goal

Beyond Blue is a wonderful organisation that provides a vital service to so many people suffering from the effects of anxiety, depression and suicide.  You can donate to this years ‘Painting for Life’ campaign via our Fundraising Campaign Page over at Beyond Blue, your financial help and support is important and I thank you for anything you can contribute but your engagement with ‘Painting for Life’ is just as important.

You can help simply by watching the live stream, getting involved in the ‘chat’, sharing our fundraising campaign page, commenting on and sharing our social media posts. Just talking about “Painting for Life” is as important as our sponsors, our guests and the donations we raise for the charities we support.

Why is "Painting for Life" so important and personal to me?

The world is in chaos right now, and certainly here in Melbourne, Australia.  COVID has affected us all and many people are struggling. I’m fortunate that, whilst my life and business has been disrupted, I am still able to work and send orders out to my customers.  Many don’t have that opportunity, for many there are other choices, and some of them not good ones.  10 Years ago, I made a choice … 

My beautiful family. My daughter Charlotte and my amazing wife Kim. These two (and many others) are the reason why

G’day everyone, I hope you’re well. 

I’ve had a wonderful life, now that I look back on it, but in 2011 I was suffering from terrible depression and had been for quite some time.  On the outside everything looked fine (or at least I hoped it did!) to those around me. I owned a hobby store, was making YouTube videos daily to an active audience, and socialised constantly.  To anyone I knew, I would have appeared perfectly fine, but on the inside I was dying. I struggled daily, I just wanted the pain to be over.  

Depression is a difficult thing to explain and for many it can be very difficult to talk about, especially whilst you’re in the grips of it. It’s difficult for me to talk about now, but I do. It’s important for me to talk about it, not just for me but for everyone else.  At that time I didn’t talk to anyone about it, I didn’t seek any help, it just got worse.  Enough was enough, I told myself. It was way past time, so I did something about it. I wrote my note, I drank myself into a stupor and got ready. I was 33 years old.

Today I carry the scars; physically, mentally and emotionally, around with me.  I still think about that time, about that night, about the struggle after I was released from hospital, sometimes daily and certainly weekly.  I think about how lucky I am. I think about how many people love me. I think about how many people I love.  I think about how much pain that night caused to so many of those around me. It’s hard, but I’m one of the lucky ones. Many don’t get that chance, sadly for many it is over and for the loved ones they left behind, it will never be over.

My name is Vivek Chandra, I’m now 43 years old. I have a wonderful wife and daughter, a business I am passionate about and thanks to Beyond Blue and many others, I am still alive today.

‘Painting for Life’ is a charity fund raising ‘paint-a-thon’ hosted by Knights of Dice – LIVE and aims to help raise funds for those organisations that provide support and assistance to those that are suffering the terrible effects of anxiety, depression and suicide and to those that are affected by it’s painful aftermath. For our inaugural year we are supporting Beyond Blue.

One of the best ways we can provide support to those that are suffering is to talk, thus  “Painting for Life” is a 24 Hour Live Stream during which we’ll talk to some well known guests and interact with you all via the Live Chat. Your co-hosts for the show are myself (Viv), Edward Jones, Nick Thorn, Jon-Paul Adams and Topher Streets. We’ll be painting as many miniatures as we can during the stream, so be sure to check out the hosts to get a little background on each of us.

 We’ll be spending time with various friends and guests talking all things tabletop gaming, we’ve got a great show lined up so be sure to check out the schedule (which is being constantly updated) to see when, who and what we’ll be talking about.

Make sure to go ahead and subscribe to the Knights of Dice – LIVE YouTube channel so you can catch the ‘Painting for Life’ live stream that is scheduled this year for the 24th September 2021.


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‘Painting for Life’ is sponsored by some amazing companies that have donated loads of products to give away and our awesome list of guests is sure to keep you entertained!

Well be giving away LOADS of awesome products to those that donate during the campaign. Obviously we’d love as many people to be watching the stream live as it happens, but if you donate more than $10 at any time during the campaign you’re in with a chance for any give-aways.

 I cannot say enough good things about all the companies that are supporting ‘Painting for Life’, please go and give them your support also.  We are truly blessed to have some excellent people on-board and a hoard of things to give away, the hoard just keeps growing!

If you want to get involved and donate any products for our campaign, we’d love to hear from you and we’d love to give our audience the opportunity to support you, just as so many have pledged to support our efforts to raise funds for charity.

Want to join us on the show?
24 hours is a LONG time, we need as many guests as we can cram in! Being on the show as a guest exposes 'Painting for Life' to your audience and we'd be so grateful to have their support!

We’ve got some AMAZING guests lined up, everything from leaders in our local hobby community to international content creators and game designers!

The tabletop gaming community is a mixed and varied lot! Everything from boardgames, roleplaying games, miniatures and card games and we’d love to have as many people on the show as possible to talk about all the wonderful aspects of this collective hobby we call tabletop gaming!  

2021 is the first year for ‘Painting for Life’ but we aim to run campaigns twice a year and for them to be amongst the largest online fund raising events in the tabletop gaming community. Having the support of well known content creators, game designers and sculptors helps expose our reach to a wider audience.  Not only does it benefit ‘Painting for Life’ and the charities we support, but it exposes our audience to a wide variety of tabletop content, which can only be a good thing for the gaming community as a whole!

How can you get involved?  Easy! We’d love to have you on the show as a guest (even if it’s just for a brief period), or you can send us some details (maybe even a short video!) which we can discuss on the show.  If you want to appear on the show as a guest, please get in touch with us.

‘Painting for Life’ is streamed online via the newly created Knights of Dice – LIVE channel on YouTube.  

If you want to watch at home simply tune into the channel during the stream, sit down, get some paints out and paint your miniatures with us whilst we all talk with our awesome guests and try to get as many miniatures painted as possible!  

Getting involved with the ‘chat’ is one the best way you can help, so be sure to subscribe early and enable notifications so you don’t miss the stream. Keeping people talking, breaking down the stigma of mental health (especially amongst men) and providing an outlet for people to talk is just as important (if not more!) to ‘Painting for Life’ than the awesome sponsors and guests we have lined up.

Click the banner to donate to our fundraising campaign

Media Enquires

To make ‘Painting for Life’ as successful as we want it to be, we need all the support we can get!

For all media enquires or requests for information please contact me directly:
0416 766 799
24 Percy Street, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

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