Chariot – Single Movement Tray


This base is designed to suit the Kings of War miniatures game.

‘Single’ movement-tray for chariot figures on 50x100mm bases.

The default settings for this movement tray are 3mm Lip with no bases and cut in 1.8mm MDF.




This means your tray will have an internal space of 51x101to accomodate either individually based miniatures or a single large unit-base with 1mm of wiggle room. The tray will then have a 3mm ‘lip’ added around it. The entire tray measures 57×107.

These movement trays are cut on demand, please allow 48 hours for your order to be prepared.

Also note that these are precision perfect, if you do not select any bases and choose to use your own – they must be PERFECT or they will not fit into the movement tray properly.

You have several options, please order carefully:

Bases – ‘No bases’ – This is the default setting and as mentioned above, provides you with a movement tray only.

Bases – ‘Unit Base’ – You’ll receive the movement tray and a single large unit base measuring the exact dimensions of this unit

Bases – ‘Individual Bases’ – You’ll receive the movement tray and enough individual bases in the approriate size for this unit to fill the movement tray

Thickness – either 1.8mm or 3mm

These trays are all laser cut and precision perfect, choose which thickness you want the MDF to be.

Note: this product requires assembly, we recommend regular white-glue or PVA.

Disclaimer: this product is not ‘official’ nor is it endorsed by Mantic Entertainment.  The Kings of War logo, name and other trademarks registered to Mantic Entertainment are owned by Mantic Entertainment and no challenge to that trademark or IP is intended or implied

Additional information

Weight N/A

1.8mm MDF, 3.0mm MDF


No Bases, Unit Base, Individual Bases


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