Na’Sain Watch House


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The roads that traverse the sombre hills and gloomy forests of Na’Sain can be dangerous to navigate. Treacherous brigands and highwaymen abound along their arterial sprawl. Respondent to these present dangers, the Na’Sain Councils appoint Road Wardens, usually minor vassals with small private militias, to patrol, maintain and secure perilous sections of road known to be rife with banditry. Wardens often headquarter in strongly fortified watch houses as bases of the operation for their duties. Watch houses can also act as places of hospitality between the larger coaching inns along the more vast stretches of travel between the chartered cities.

The Na’Sain Watch House kit is constructed 1.8mm  mdf and 3mm detail parts. It’s a great characterful kit with plenty of corners and nooks for your miniatures to hide behind.

This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly

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