Pirate Signal Booster Nodes


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Countless decentralised Pirate networks are common on the static waves of Easy District, and are facilitated by easily available black market tech that is distributed throughout the neon sprawl. Broadcast hubs can bunny hop their illicit signal using signal boosters positioned all over the city. These cheap self erecting network nodes are fast to set up and tear down, allowing pirate signal slingers to keep there illegal mesh network on the move and out of the grasping hands of corporate regulators and private police forces.

This kit is constructed from 1.8mm MDF and 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic pieces that really pop when put on the table. The base of each model is 40mm round. It contains 2x Pirate Signal Booster Nodes, and make excellent high tech objectives for games such as Reality’s Edge, Infinity, Killteam, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun or other Sci-fi gaming.


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