Archibald Hotel


Sir Malcom Archibald was once a respected leader of local government

Like many of the Easy District buildings the Archibald is designed to be stackable with fully accessible interiors. Each floor is seperated into 3 zones, the corridor that leads from the elevator and provides access to each room, and the 2 rooms, each with access to the balcony.

The fire escape at the back of the building provides easy access to the roof as well as each floor.

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This kit is made from 1.8mm MDF

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  1. Michael Barry

    Great character and a complex interior. I’m using this model for the Gilman Hotel in my Innsmouth (Call of Cthulhu) gameboard. It seems perfect for a tense night-time struggle between humans and Deep One hybrids preparing to invade the world above the waves. Great design and instructions made building it easy.

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