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These pre-fab concrete structures are strewn across Easy District and are home to the less forunate and poorer scum of Neo Sentry. Built in massive numbers by the Otomo Construction Group under contract to the Corporation, these towers are often poorly built and badly maintained. Considered sub-standard accomodation by many but due to the sheer number of these buildings built throughout the city it is often the only accomodation people can find.

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This kit looks much better when you include additional floors, they are designed to be stackable with fully accessible interiors.  Each floor is considered an apartment accessible by the ‘warehouse loft’ style elevator that leads directly into the apartment. A fire escape on the outside of the building provides easy access to each level as well as the roof.

A covered balcony on each floor is also a handy spot to place your snipers and those other models that love to be elevated.

This kit is made from 1.8mm MDF

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2 reviews for Otomo Apartments

  1. Gianni.d.n.rossi

    This is a nice building, but I found the instructions a little difficult to follow as some of the angles of the pictures made it hard to see what went where. For example that long piece that goes on the ground facing angle of the 2nd floor overhang, it isn’t pictured in the instructions. Also the railing pieces are confusing, there are 3 that are very close in size, but the only difference is the size of the insert tab.

    Beyond the “difficulties” building this (which to be honest, were minor, but annoying when compared to the other flawless kits from KoD), this is a really cool building. I wish I had bought 2 more extra floors to really give this that tenement apartment feeling.

    • Viv Chandra

      We’ll have a look at the instructions for this kit, and see how we can make it easier to assemble those railing pieces … we very much appreciate your honest feedback, it helps us make things better!

  2. Sarah Mathews

    I picked up this in one of the bundles for our Infinity table. It goes together beautifully, and the instructions are fairly simple to follow. The details are great and its very playable in game.

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