Yokai Building

Yokai Building


Internal dimensions 8″ square. There is a door in the centre of each wall that is removable.

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Weight 0.95 kg

2 reviews for Yokai Building

  1. Tony Birchill (verified owner)

    A highly detailed model that’ll be a great building to have for play. It’s well laid out, and as always, it pays to dry fit every piece first.

    The ground floor has walls made of multiple layers, one of which can be trimmed to leave an open window, or replaced with clear plastic. It pays not to do that with each window though.

    The cardboard corrugated roof material is sturdy, and adds great detail. The doors slide up and down, and it’s a good idea to give the door panels a light sanding so they slide better.

    Thanks for a great kit. I’d highly recommend it!

  2. keefer.c

    highly detailed 8″ x 8″ objective room building that blends seamlessly into the surrounding Neo Sentry landscape.

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