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My “2016 Mission”

This is not a New Year’s resolution! This is my MISSION this year, resolutions get broken easily but missions need to be achieved. Every mission has a clear focus, objectives and goals; just like go to the shops, you have a list and anything not on the list is out of bounds, you go in, hit up the shelves you need stuff from and get out!

I’m sure my Goals and Activities will alter over the course of the year as things develop but the Mission Objective remains the same.

Bring on 2016, I’m ready!

2016 Mission


“Spend more time assembling and painting miniatures, play more games and be more active sharing my hobby withthe online community by way of producing regular content for theKnights of dice website, YouTube and social media platforms.”


  • Assemble and catalogue all of my miniatures
  • Discard of any unwanted miniatures
  • Prepare a ‘Painted vs Un-Painted’ list
  • Paint at least 200 figures during 2016
  • Develop a regular filming schedule (and segments) for both KoD and RiRo
  • Sort out and setup my garage and gaming space at home
  • Play at least 30 games
  • Fix and setup my brewery


  • Write at least one article every day for the KoD website, it should be minimum 500 words
  • Create at least one video a week for RiRo, about personal projects
  • Create at least one video a week for KoD, about KoD products
  • Paint ‘something’ every week, it could be 1 figure or 20
  • Brew at least one beer a month
  • Develop a regular schedule of video content
  • Develop a regular schedule of written content
  • Take more pictures and share them online
  • Play at least one game a week with someone else
  • Film at least one battle report a week (either solo or partnered)

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