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Help us with Custom Shapes!

We all love it when things are simple … and to help you make your custom foam experience using CreateIt easier, we need your help!

CreateIt has an awesome feature that allows us to add pre-defined shapes to the library, allowing you to simple ‘pick and click’ on what you want.  The library of shapes can only grow when we have miniatures to make new shapes from and as much as we’d love to continuously buy miniatures to make new shapes, it simply isn’t possible.  You can help us add new shapes to our library, it’s pretty simple and the following steps will go a long way to seeing new shapes added to the library for the games you play!

Step 1

Download the scaler that suits your printer and model size:

Photo Scaler A3

Photo Scaler A4 landscape

Photo Scaler A4 portrait

There isn’t much difference between the A4 Portrait or Landscape, so feel free to use which ever you prefer!

DO NOT rescale the PDF, print it using the “Actual Size” setting or 100% … do not use ‘Fit to Page’ or any other setting that will change the scale of the document


Step 2

Place the miniature on the scaler in a position that allows it sit ‘comfortably’.  By that we mean in a position that it naturally sits if placed laying on its side. For some models such as vehicles this will be easy, however some miniatures can sit in various positions and in those instances it is best to lay them in a position that results in the thinnest ‘depth’.  For example, if a figure with a sword can sit with its sword pointing upwards or out to the side, place it out to the side … this will help reduce the depth of foam required to fit the model.


Step 3

Using your phone, take a clear well focused picture from approx half a metre (50cm) above the model.  The phone should be held flat and directly above the miniature for the best results. If you are taking a picture of a large model, try to take the picture from as high as possible.  This helps combat the optical distortion that happens in all cameras, the further you are away (whilst allowing the lines on the scaler to be clearly visible), the better the results will be when we create the shape.

The following are some examples of good and bad pictures:

This image does not give a good impression of the models silhouette

Neither does this shot, it’s even worse!

This is a great example that will give a good impression of the models silhouette!

The final image is a good example of a usable picture.  It was taken directly above the model (it could be better, but it’s usable) and from a distance of around 70cm.  It does not matter that the model is ‘small’ in the picture. As long as you can clearly see the lines on the scaler and the optical distortion is combated by taking the picture at a distance, the image will be usable.

Images of miniatures do not need to be taken so far away.  As they are usually much smaller than vehicles they are not affected by optical distortion so much.

This is not a good example as the figures silhouette is not clearly defined

This picture is an excellent example and shows how the miniature will sit in the foam


Step 4 (optional – useful for vehicles)

Put a ruler (or tape measure) next to the model and measure it’s height.  This lets us know what depth of foam is required to fit the model.  Try to take a picture as horizontally as possible whilst the ruler is in place, this is also useful as it might allow us to split the model into layers where the bottom half sits in (for example) a 35mm deep tray, and pokes through the layer above.

It helps to place the model on a shelf or something similar, this allows you to get a good clear shot as horizontally as possible.  Again here is an example of a good and bad horizontal shot:

This image doesn’t really show the height of the model at all!

This is a better shot, but it can be better.  This is where using a shelf makes getting horizontal easier!

This is a great shot!  It clearly shows the height of the model at its closest and tallest point.

This profile shot is a ‘nice to have’, but if it’s easier for you to simply tell us what the highest point on the model is, then simply mention that in Step 5 when you send us the images!


Step 5

Jump onto Facebook, Messenger or email and send us the pictures!  Do not adjust them in photoshop, do not try to make the file size smaller … the more detail and resolution the better!

With you help we can continue to grow the collection of shapes in the Library, making it easier for everyone to have perfect form fitted foam for their miniatures!


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