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MoT – LIVE on Kickstarter!

Knights of Dice is proud to launch our first kickstarter for a range of new miniatures.  This has been something we have wanted to do from the beginning, some of you might remember Viv was molding and casting things before we dove into MDF kits head first.

Even if you can’t back our project, or it doesn’t interest you … please check it out and share it with your friends, every backer gets us closer to realising our dream of manufacturing our own metal miniatures.

Mirrors of Tullarn is a new range of 28mm miniatures from Knights of Dice, set in a distinctive fantasy setting and cast in glorious metal!

These characterful figures have been sculpted by Anton Ducrot (from Flytrap Factory) for tabletop miniature wargames and would look amazing in any fantasy setting, whether that is your Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying campaigns or as weary adventurers in your Frostgrave warbands or other tabletop games.

We are using this campaign to fund the production molds and the initial release of 28 figures from four factions, the Anram, Tarusa, Lahari and Saresh, in glorious white-metal!  Hopefully (with your help!) we can also release a host additional figures in the form of freebies, add-ons and awesome stretch goals!

4 unique factions

The world of Tullarn is shared by 4 main factions, each struggling to survive in their small corners of the land.

  • Tarusa – a brutal regime inhabiting the mountains and low-lands, bent on domination and oppression
  • Lahari – costal dwelling traders, they are the master of commerce and live a life of oppulence and finery
  • Saresh – a noble and peaceful people, they work the verdant valleys and fields
  • Anram – encased in their magic cities in an endless spring-time, the Anram are an isolated and pious people

We have loads of awesome miniatures in this range, not just in the 4 main factions but a host of adventurers, knights, and hired mercenaries

Campaign finishes October 29th

We need your help to buy all the rubber, silicone and metal we need to put these miniatures into full production.

All the hard work is done, the figures are sculpted, master molds have been made … we just need your help to raise the funds to get them into production.

With a range of pledge levels on offer, we’re sure you’ll find something that interests you … and even if you can’t back our project, please share it with your friends and gaming groups. The more people who get invovled, the better the chance the project has to unlock loads of cool freebies and add-ons.

Thank you for all the support over the many years we’ve been producing top quality MDF model kits, and the many more years that Viv has been producing content on YouTube … with your help, we can get this project funded and realise the dream of manufacturing miniatures!

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