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New Sci-Fi Scatter Objectives

While we are furiously refreshing our ‘Mirrors of Tullarn’ Kickstarter campaign, that is not the only thing going on at the KoD studio! We have also been quietly working away on a bunch of new additions to the Neo Sentry: Easy District range.

A bunch of new scatter kits to add some much needed clutter to your Cyberpunk streets and rooftops! Many of these kits include acrylic components to really make them pop on the gritty streets of Easy District.

In addition to bringing some excellent colour and detail to your table, they also make perfect objectives for you Sci-Fi gaming. They happen to coincide with the ITS 11 objectives for Infinity, and each will fit comfortably on a 40mm base to use as fancy objective for any game!

The C.A.T Terminals in particular are perfect for the excellent new Cyberpunk game ‘Reality’s Edge’ from Osprey Games written by our friend Joseph McGuire of ‘This is Not a Test’ fame (we have a bunch more gaming aids for this wonderful game coming very soon)! Check them out below!

PIRATE SIGNAL BOOSTER NODES x 2 – $12…/pirate-signal-booster-nodes/


C.A.T ACCESS TERMINALS x 2 – $14…/c-a-t-access-terminals/

SCAR3CROW LOCATOR BEACONS x 4 – $12…/scar3crow-locator-beacons/

BOREAS MKIII STATIS PODS x 3 – $12…/boreas-mkiii-statis-pods/


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